Gentle movement to music for the over sixties and less able people
Welcome to Extend in the Vale, my name is Shirley Dodd-Clark.
I operate Extend Classes in the Vale of Glamorgan.

What is EXTEND?*  

EXTEND  is a holistic exercise class that encompasses all abilities but essentially aims to enable older people or less able people of any age to continue to maintain independence through gentle exercises set to music and using a variety of equipment.  All classes have at least 20 minutes seated exercises and where required, exercises are adapted to allow all participants to take part whether seated or standing. Thereby making it particularly suited to those who are in a wheelchair or find it difficult to maintain balance whilst standing.

Extend started in 1976. Its foundations lay with the Women’s League of Health and Beauty.  EXTEND stands for Exercise for The Elderly and Disabled. DO NOT let this title put you off! Extend has also grown into its title by encompassing those who wish to extend their abilities, extend their reach (literally!) and extend their circle of friends.
It is for both men and women who are over 60 or for less able of any age. People who are recovering from a fall, surgery or major illness or trauma, those who may not feel comfortable with the gym or are nervous about joining main stream or more energetic groups are very welcome to try out EXTEND.  I endeavour to provide a warm welcome and you will be encouraged to work to your own pace with no pressure to achieve targets other that those you set yourself. The emphasis is on relaxing, enjoying and having fun whilst getting fitter in mind and body.

As part of my duty of care to you, I will ask you to fill in a safe to exercise form which will enable me to understand your needs more appropriately and will also enable me to plan the classes accordingly.  This will be held in the strictest confidence and destroyed when you leave. 
I am a member of REPS (see http://www.exerciseregister.org) and hold full public liability insurance. I hold a basic first aid certificate. In addition, I take part in ‘continuous professional training’ days provided by EXTEND yearly and am constantly looking at new training opportunities in order to expand my knowledge that will continue to benefit my clients.

Please come along and give it a go: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I look forward to meeting you.

Members of St Athan Extend Group posing for the camera
Please see classes page for the revised timetable from October 2016